Dancing Bear Takes The Partying To Your Home

These girls didn’t even have to leave their house anymore.. Specially when we have an 1-800 hot line number that you can just simply call similar to ordering pizza. Our menu consists of males with big dicks. From Mexicans, whites, blacks, dressed up as Mexican Wrestlers, Cops, Fire Fighters, Post Office Mail Man, etc etc,  we have them all.  Dancing Bear has uniform and men of color (except asian) to fulfill every woman’s naughty fantasy. You want to see how crazy it gets? Check out our latest video. Since this party took place during the daytime we didn’t expect alot of hot girls to show up. But we were wrong. Hot MILFS and hot girls showed up starving for big male stripper dicks.

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House Party With Hot MILFs And Male Stripper Studs

The ideal place where you’ll find male strippers would at night clubs usually held  in the night time. However, the Dancing Bear male strippers are open for business 24/7.  As you can, you’ve got sexy women sucking dicks in broad daylight at someones house!.  The fact that this party is taking place at someone’s home make these women feel much more comfortable about expressing their sexuality in front of their girlfriends.  Check out this blowjob and cum swallowing fiasco during the happy hours of the Dancing Bear!



Curvy MILF Gives Male Stripper Lap Dance

As I have mentioned before, anything can happen at these bachelorette parties. With big dicks swinging around all over the place, it drives these women horny and some just couldn’t handle the pressure to the point where they start taking their clothes off and start sucking dicks. Like this big breasted blonde for instance. Check out the full video here and see what happens!

Dancing Bear: Stripper House Call

Pictures Taken of Clothed Women Sucking Stripper Cocks

A very hot episode of Dancing Bear called “Stripper House Call”.  Our Dancing Bear strippers get lots of phone calls everyday for live show requests. But this request stands out from the rest of the phone calls our male strippers receive daily because this client actually wants to have the strip tease show at her house! And what got us interested is that she said there’s going to be inviting all of her hot SINGLE girl friends! JACKPOT! So we send our entire Dancing Bear stripper and camera crew the next day to this lady’s house…and boy we had a blast! We made sure upon leaving this party that the sexy ladies got the blowjobs that they wanted to give and facials wanted to receive! There was also this horny redhead MILF at the party who had sex with one of our strippers who came on her face.. WOW. Who can resist male strippers with big dicks? Not even shyest of the shy girls can.  I swear, if Dancing Bear was a pizza delivery business, we’d be rich by now!

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Dancing Bear: The Girls Are Outta Control

So our Dancing Bear camera crew hit up a local all girls club in Florida to invited all the sexy women there and their friends to go down 2 blocks for a special house party.  These ladies have no idea what’s in store for them when they get there. I can already tell you that they will see nothing but male strippers stripping and their big cocks and MORE cocks.  It’s true, even though our male strippers put on a good chippendale like show, the real center of attention should be focused towards these hot clothed women who are hungry for cocks. They are the real stars behind each successful show.

Dancing Bear Porn
Horny Women Giving Blowjobs To Male Strippers

So finally the show started and I can already tell from the start that this Dancing Bear show is off to a good start.  10 minutes into the show and you’ve got not 1, not 2 but 3 women who already got facialized by our male strippers after giving them a hot blowjob.  There was so much action that our camera crew was running all over the place trying to catch each blowjob and facial cumshot scenes. Watch more Dancing Bear Porn here